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Health Care

Machine of Auto Inserting Suture into Needle
Application Suture inserting into Needle
Power AC220V, Single Phase,60Hz
Air 5~6kg/㎠
Controller PLC
Loading Tray Loading
Unloading Bulk Box
Dimension 1400 X 800 X 1700 mm
This machine is to insert a half of suture into needle. Usually, the suture is used for face lifting purpose. After inserting the suture, a small sponge is put through the needle to fasten the needle and the suture together. 400 of needles and sponges in tray are supplied to the machine. Picker carries needle from tray to turn-table and cover is separated from needle. After separating, a half of suture is inserted into needle. Sponge is put through the needle in order to fasten the needle and the suture together. Then, cover is put back on the needle and the completed needles are discharged into bulk box. Option : Vision system can be installed in order to inspect whether suture and sponge exist in needle.