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Health Care

Suture Thread Barbing Machine(Blade, Horizontal)
Applicable suture diameter 0.3mm~0.38mm
Suture loading Roller
Suture unloading Bulk box
Barbed cutting length 7cm, 10cm, 16cm, 20cm
(※Barbed cutting length can be customized.)
Pitch between barbs 1mm
Dimension (mm, W X D X H) 1,300 X 600 X 950
Air 5~6Kgf/cm2
This machine is a horizontal type of suture machine which can make barbs on suture thread.
Usually, this suture thread is used in face lifting. Cutting module is able to make barbs in
different shape, angle, depth, and length. Rotator which is installed in the machine can
turn suture in 90 degree and make barbs.