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Factory Automation

44-Pin/24-Pin Connector Assembly Machine
Device 44-Pin/24-Pin Connector
Sequence Housing Loading(Bowl Feeder) -> Pin Inserting -> Pin Forming -> Test -> D/C Marking -> Lubrication -> Unloading(Tray)
UPH 450EA / 600ea
Controller PLC
Power AC220V 1Phase 50hz, 30A
Air 5 Bar
Dimension(W X D X H, mm) 10,500 X 1,300 X 2,200
This machine is to assemble and test an automobile connector, where 44 pins and 24 pins are inserted into
housing and formed. Housings are supplied from bowl feeder and pins are supplied in reel.
Pins in reel are cut, separated, inserted into reel, and formed. After being formed, pins are
aligned evenly by skew tool. Then, connector goes through electrical test and vision inspection,
and they are sorted good or reject. Good ones are put into tray after cleaning marking and oiling processes.