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Factory Automation

8pin connector assembly system
Sequence Empty Tray 10EA Loading→Transfer→Packing
→ Full Tray 10EA Unloading
Primary Power Source Sever motor 2EA
Power AC220V, 3Ø, 50/60Hz
Loading Pick & Place Robot and Vaccum Pad
Unloading Tray Stack
Equipment Type Automotic
Controller PLC
Dimension 950 X 1,000 X 1,780
Samil Tech designed this machine to automatically assemble the press-fit pin connector on Audi cars. Pins are supplied by tape & reel. First, the pins are separated and formed, inserted into the connector holes of the body. After insertion, then they are inserted into the connector holes of the body. They are sorted into good and reject based on vision inspection, a DC test, and a high voltage test. The good ones move to the packing station.