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Factory Automation

LPG Valve Auto Assembly Machine
Application LPG Valve (20Kg)
Power AC220V, 3 Phase, 60Hz
Air 5~6Kg/Cm2
System Control PLC
Loading Tray (32 Valve / Tray)
Unloading Conveyor
Tray Loading Cart with Tray (10 Tray / Cart)
Tray Unloading Cart with Tray (10 Tray / Cart)
Cycle Time 4 Sec
Dimension(mm) 7,000 X 4,000
This equipment is designed to automatically assemble LPG valves. The process flow is as follows
Valve body loading → Drilling → Rivet insert → Rivet compress → Stem fix → Check rivet existence → Marking the date of manufacture → Handle insert → Name plate insert → combine bolt → Check bolt combination → Teflon taping → Unloading