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Factory Automation

Auto Encoder Assembly Machine
Device encoder types Straight, Form, HP
UPH 3.0K
Dimensions(mm) 4,000(W) x 3,000(D) x 1,800(H)
Input power AC 220V, 3 phase
Composition of equipment
- Bowl feeder & Linear feeder
- Holder, Lens, EL, PIC inserting unit
- Hot testing unit (Over 80℃)
- Room temperature testing unit
- Reject sorting unit
- Automatic tray packing unit

This is an auto encoder assembly machine. An encoder is a photo sensor, which is used in printers, copy machines, office supplies, automobiles, etc. Typically, encoders are manufactured manually. However, with this equipment, encoders can be automatically manufactured. This inline machine automatically supplies and assembles all the parts of encoders, tests the electrical properties at high and ambient temperature condition, sorts out the defectives from manufactured products, and packs the proper products on the tray.