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Matrix Trim Form Singulation System
Devices DPAK, D2PAK
SPM More than 100
UPEH DPAK - More than 44,800 units(2 up 8 units)
D2PAK - More than 21,800 units(2 up 4 units)
Loader 2 Magazines, 1 elevator
Controller PLC
Air 4~6 Kg/㎠
Dimensions 2,950(W)x1,100(D)x1,650(H)mm
This machine consists of a loader, four indexes, a trimming tool, a forming/singulation tool, an unloader and two mechanical presses. The trimming process separates the lead frame and the forming process shapes the lead frame into an appropriate form so that mounting is possible, and the singulation process separates the packages that are linked together in a strip.