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Form & Test System
Loading Hopper and feeder
Unloading Vinyl bags(Package quantities in a Vinyl bag can be adjustable.)
Test contact contact finger
Controller PLC
Power AC220V, 3Ø, 50/60Hz
Air 5 bar
UPH 5,000 units (excluding test time)
MTBA 1 Hour
MFBF > 200 Hours
Dimension 2,720x1,000x1,345
This machine performs forming and open/short testing of 3-lead TO-92 packages. After the packages are loaded into a bowl feeder, the machine forms both the side leads and center leads and also cuts the leads to the correct length. Next, the packages are electrically tested to determine whether they are short or open. Then they go through the vision station which inspects the markings and leads. Finally, the packages are packed into vinyl bags.