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Ultrasonic Wave Cleaning System
Devices All kinds of Lead Frame
Dimension 6000(W) x 2200(D) x 2200(H)
UPH : More than 1000 pcs
- Ultrasonic wave : HKU-1500WG; 40KHz
- Water temperature : Controllable from room temperature to 60℃
- Dry off : The air temperature, time adjustment up to 100℃ .
- Sensor : Equip an automatic water filling sensor and build in a D.I. water resistance monitor for every tank.

This machine is designed to clean flux on lead frames by using ultrasonic wave. From loading to unloading, lead frames are automatically gone through two ultrasonic cleaning zones, two rinsing zones, and two dry zones. During cleaning processes, purity of a cleaning fluid(solution) can be detected. When purity level reaches at setting parameter, a cleaning fluid(solution) is changed automatically.